Aussie Aquariums wants to promote sustainable food production.  Aquaponics is a high-tech solution to organic food production.  An Aquaponic System is a cross between Aquaculture and Hydroponics.  The basic components in aquaponics include fish, plants & bacteria.  Aquaponics has an emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally friendly.  Aussie Aquariums can design and construct an Aquaponics System to meet your needs.

  •         Imagine fresh, organic vegetables and herbs from your own garden all year long
  •         The perfect garden – No weeding or watering!!!
  •         Combine your interest in raising fish with your love of a fresh garden
  •         Systems can be set up outdoors for summer-only use or indoors for year-round use
  •         Use natural lighting or provide artificial lighting to suit installation anywhere
  •         Raise freshwater fish of your choice including trout!
  •         Water mass stabilizes the temperature of your sunroom
  •         Fish waste becomes excellent nutrients for plants
  •         Plants have shorter grow time than in soil
  •         Small home installation or full scale commercial production