About Aussie Aquariums

Stephen Wood, owner of Aussie Aquariums,
diving in the predator tank at Reef HQ in
Townsville, Australia.
Aussie Aquariums, LLC, proudly owned by Stephen & Andrea Wood, is a locally owned small business in Freeport, Maine.
At Aussie Aquariums we specialize in aquarium design, installation and maintenance. We focus mostly on salt water reef tanks and planted fresh water tanks.
Aussie Aquariums strives to be environmentally friendly and is working towards all fish and invertebrates being cultured in greenhouses and hatcheries.

About 95% of freshwater aquarium fish are cultured and raised in tanks. Currently less than 10% of all saltwater fish and corals are aquacultured. Aussie Aquariums believes that it is the responsibility of all aquarium keepers to act in an environmentally sustainable manor. We must consider the impact we have on the environment and the organisms that we keep. There will be a day in the future where 95% of all marine species are cultured.

Aussie Aquariums is ahead of the curve with its emphasis on fish breeding and coral growing and fragmentation. Good husbandry practices are critical to coral and fish survival. Fish breeding, coral propagation and fragmentation is encouraged.
Stephen believes over time anyone can learn how to look after a salt water fish tank resulting in beautiful, healthy fish and vibrant corals.
Coral fragmentation is the process where corals are cut into small pieces and then grown out. Coral fragmentation is a naturally occurring process. When a large storm passes over a reef, a large wave can break up some of the coral. These pieces are then carried away by the current.  Some of the coral frags may die, but others may land on a substrate, attach to it and start growing. It is in this process that corals can be grown without any impact to the coral reef. This is the process that Stephen encourages and wants to teach others about. 
Stephen grew up on northeast Australia in the state of Queensland bordered by the Great Barrier Reef.  In 2006 Stephen moved to Maine where his wife, Andrea, was from.  Stephen has 15 years of professional experience in aquaculture, diving and the private and public aquarium industry. He also attended James Cook University in Queensland Australia where he studied Marine Biology and Aquaculture. Australia is world wide known for its research and protection of the Great Barrier Reef.